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"When the spiders unite, they can tie down a lion".

Let me be straightforward and get right to the point: the Metaverse and Web3.0 blockchain-based technology is how we Bring Back Black Wall Street. New virtual worlds are offering Black creatives and technologists fresh social and financial opportunities that cannot be dismissed. Finally, we are able to materialize a path for smart, savvy Black people carving out a space with real financial impact that can’t be hijacked or exclusively appropriated by Silicon Valley.

Lack of trust and fear have been our unbreakable and stubborn barriers to investing within our community. Unlike other communities, the Black community doesn´t have the habit of buying from our own, and this LACK OF UNITY is what the Powers That Be have been fostering from the very the beginning, for us to always be dependent on them while seeking and reaching better/high socioeconomic positions within the Matrix. Traditionally, we have restricted our field of action to prayer, prayer and more prayer, but Daniel predicted a time where technology and knowledge would allow the wise to shine like the stars in the firmament. I do believe Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and trustless blockchain-based technology has inaugurated this era.

It seemed to me that it did not matter the level of competencies, capabilities and achievements I had reached in this life, since the right professional connection or opportunity to expand business possibilities never quite arrived. Isolated, and without the right information, doing business while Black has been a frustrating effort. You kill yourself for an organization, but they end up lowering your salary and telling you that it is not a punishment, but that these times are hard and "you" -and only you- have to assume collateral damage… You partner yourself with a White colleague architect on 50/50 basis terms, but you end up doing all the work… You establish your own firm advocating for the excellence of the product, but you do not have the right connections, neither the knowledge, to establish a proper business idea that matches the market dynamics… Yes, all these three situations happened to me (here in Europe WS is also entangled within society’s DNA) but I did not give up. After working on my business skills, shifting my mentality and taking the reins of my destiny, I discovered the potentialities of DAOs for solving all the aforementioned issues, and decide to pursue my Certification in DAO Expert.

Shining ETH by AI & Jimmy Jean
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, being built on open source blockchains, allow anyone and everyone to see what’s is recorded immutably on the network’s decentralized ledger, but also allows anonymity since records are encrypted. What does this all mean? That everything that has been holding back the Black community to bond together (lack of unity, lack of trust, skin-based institutional barriers and exclusion from funding and opportunities) has already been solved: blockchain eliminates the need of “trust” of strangers, third parties or even friends... It is like getting rid of the referees in a basketball game. All rules are stablished on smart contracts and the clauses are automatically executed when pre-established conditions are met. The Peer-to-Peer network allows anyone to join or leave the network without disrupting the network’s ability to form a consensus on the state of the blockchain, and all the records stored on the blockchain are verifiable at anytime by any peer. How many organizations have been dismantled after one of its core members decided to leave, leaving the rest without the infrastructure, skills or knowledge to continue running the organizations? This will not happen with well-established DAOs, since their decentralized feature assures that no one is essential for the running of the structure. And what about confidentiality and Integrity? The technology allows certain records restriction access based on users’ private keys or the permission set by the creators of the files.

This is all well and good, but one of the main problems I have found with established DAOs or Black businesses that decide to start up with crypto technology, is that they find it difficult to reach a wide and knowledgeable audience of this cutting-edge technology. Therefore, the possibilities of creating global and vast networks are limited by the lack of knowledge from the general public, but specially mistrust -often well founded by bad past experiences- plays a crucial role when investing in or affiliating with one of these communities.

That is why I decided to offer Black-owned DAOs and emerging crypto businesses the advantage of being pioneers in introducing immersive experiences to their members and potential new donors through a virtual journey accessible to all audiences.
Can you imagine being able to offer your potential affiliate, client or donor an immersive experience in the visit of a customized virtual headquarters where you can expose your NFTs, the history of the organization and the mission or values to which it aims, instead of those websites with hundreds of tabs and texts that no one embarks to read? Yes, you will be able to integrate a Metaverse experience in your Web3-based organization, being one of the few in the crypto world that can claim all 5D Web3.0 features (crypto currencies, NFTs, DAOs, tokenomics and Metaverse) within the same project. Your Virtual Headquarters will be able to be visited by anyone, anytime from any device (smartphones, headsets or regular computers) and will easily reflect your goals from the very moment any person enters the doors of your carved infinite space.

We have entered a new era; the spiders don't have to lose their webs every now and then because of the lion's swing paws. Now we have figured out how to connect our efforts in a safe way and tie up the feline beast once and for all in a coordinated manner. If in your case you still need to know more about the world of DAOs and how they work, follow me on LinkedIn where I will be posting regular small information pills. If, on the other hand, you are interested in embarking on new projects (with exclusive and filtered access) and/or collaborations to empower the Black community, follow me on Instagram. And remember, WHERE DESTRUCTION IS THE MOTIVE, UNITY IS DANGEROUS.

OCTOBER, 16 / 2022
Text author: Jimmy Jean
Photography: Midjourney AI ©JJBK studio 2022

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