An outdated inheritance, a second home to adapt to the new family situation or an update of your current home... Our specialty is the maximization of small or obsolete spaces. Entrust us with the design of your space renovation and you will discover the potential inherent in each of the pre-existing elements. To send you an offer we would need the location of your property, and a floor plan of the current state (if you don't have it, we will have to visit it in order to give you a realistic offer). The preliminary study includes an analysis of the legislation in place and the possible administration subsidies that could be applied. If you live abroad, no worries, JJBK would be in charge of everything… You have Skype, don't you?


We understand your economic situation, and we adapt to every budget. If you have a whim or if it's just what you can afford, JJBK asks for your vote of confidence. Off-grid dwellings, children's cabins, summer getaway houses... there's nothing we can't handle. Small is not a synonym of deficient. If you are willing to sacrifice meters to achieve higher quality, you have found the ideal studio. If you have in mind a house/space of less than 50 m2/540 ft2 we have a special offer for you: 5500 EUR for the design and complete elaboration of the execution project. You will not regret it.

Integral home renovations

Podiatry consultation and integral house renovation, Valencia
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